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Structural Correction

NUCCA Chiropractic

Integrity Spinal Care

Welcome to Integrity Spinal Care! We believe every person has the potential to be and feel healthy. We recognize there are many paths to health, and as such we are a multi-disciplinary clinic. We offer NUCCA chiropractic and therapeutic massage therapy.


NUCCA chiropractic has a focus on one aspect above all else: Structural Correction of the upper cervical spine (the upper neck). We believe that the cornerstone of your health is a head, spine and frame that is balanced in relation to gravity. A body structure that is not balanced can result in a number of issues that you may not realize are stemming from a structural shift of your spine. 

Dr. Justin achieves the goal of Structural Correction via a specific, gentle and advanced form of Chiropractic called NUCCA. He has trained in this specific Structural Correction method to help in bringing optimal health to our community! 

Our massage therapists Breanna Cook & Carolyn Whitfield have a focus and passion on helping their clients experience improvement in both pain levels and function. 

You can read more about NUCCA here


How can NUCCA help you?

Primary Condition

At Integrity Spinal Care, we have an extreme focus on the Primary Condition that is an Atlas Displacement Complex (ADC) using the NUCCA Chiropractic technique. This occurs when the atlas- the top bone of the neck- along with all of the soft tissue structures like tendons, ligaments, and fascia are not in the correct position. This is often the result of trauma to the head and neck. This puts an excessive amount of stress on the joints, discs, and nerve tissues. An ADC has a direct and detrimental neurological impact on the overall structure of the body resulting in postural distortion. It is this ADC that has a myriad of negative effects we call Secondary Conditions. 

Secondary Conditions

These are problems that you probably want to see alleviated! We have found that if the focus is on the Secondary Conditions, the cause is not addressed and will resurface. Examples of Secondary Conditions that may be caused by the Primary Condition of an ADC- which is what we correct- are the following:​

  • Anterior Head Syndrome

  • Shoulder asymmetry

  • Pelvic unleveling

  • Poor Posture

  • Neck Pain & stiffness

  • Migraines

  • Headaches

  • Vertigo

  • Dizziness

  • Meniere's Disease

  • TMJ pain & dysfunction

  • Low Back Pain

  • Sciatic Pain

  • Muscle spasm and tightness

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, or others not listed, and are wondering if Integrity Spinal Care may have a solution to your health concerns, you can can schedule a complimentary consultation with us. 

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