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Carolyn Whitfield, RMT

Carolyn graduated from the Alberta Institute of Massage with Director’s Honors. She holds Advanced certification in Sports Massage Therapy and recently became a RAPID Neuro-fascia Reset (NFR) specialist.


Originally from Moose Jaw, Carolyn moved to Redcliff in 2009. She worked in healthcare for 30+ years before turning to massage therapy.


During her downtime you can find her in the coulees hiking with her dog, running, swimming at the local pool, paddle boarding, or out and about behind a camera enjoying the beautiful landscape of Alberta. She has 3 adult children who are all pursuing their passions.


Carolyn is a very driven and enthusiastic person. She believes self-care is important and necessary which was one of the many reasons she chose to pursue massage therapy as a profession. She is passionate about helping people reach their therapeutic goals, whether for relaxation, to alleviate pain, return to function or help maintain overall health and wellness.


Her main modalities of treatment are Therapeutic Massage and RAPID-NFR. With RAPID-NFR, she finds that clients notice a difference within the first treatment and depending on the condition have significant improvements between 2 to 8 treatments.


"I look forward to assisting you in your healing journey and being given the opportunity to work with the great team here at Integrity Spinal Care."



To schedule a treatment with Carolyn:

Text or Call: 306-661-0565 or


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