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Our Beginning

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Long before my family and I moved to Medicine Hat, I discovered there was another NUCCA doctor here. Somehow I had never crossed paths with them before, but I knew if they practiced NUCCA they were the kind of people I wanted to connect with.

Before we moved here, we connected briefly with the other NUCCA doctor, Dr. Matthew Noji, and asked for his input on practicing NUCCA in Med Hat. He thought having another NUCCA doctor in town would be great as not only do locals want and need NUCCA care, but the entire province of Saskatchewan doesn't have NUCCA and people traveled from near and far for NUCCA care.

So we moved here with the intention of opening our own office somewhere in the city. We began making plans for starting from scratch as had been our dream for years. It was nearly a month in that Dr. Janice Noji (Dr. Matthew's mother, also a NUCCA doctor) got in touch with us.

During that first conversation, she told us she was excited for us to be here, and assured us that Medicine Hat was a great city to raise a family in. Shortly after, she offered us something we had never even thought of or considered: the opportunity buy their flourishing NUCCA practice Medicine Hat.

Looking at all the circumstances that had to line up for this opportunity to work, it's hard to believe it was anything other than divine intervention. As late as 3-4 weeks before graduation in June, we had tentatively been planning on living and working in Wisconsin, but it didn't end up working out as planned. After that, I was convinced that my next home would be Okotoks, Alberta, but the people of Med Hat won me over after a few short visits.

Somehow, we ended up in Medicine Hat!

On the other side, Dr. Janice had been coming to Medicine Hat out of sheer necessity for over half a dozen years- many of her patients drove to Lethbridge for care until she decided it would be beneficial to open a satellite in Medicine Hat for those people. Then her son, Dr. Matthew, moved here with his wife, Marlee a couple years to work full time. And finally, right when we moved here, they were beginning to desire to move back to Lethbridge to be closer to family.

It really did seem like the perfect scenario for each of us: we could take over their practice and patients, and they had the opportunity to move closer to family in Lethbridge without leaving their patients.

Now here we are, less than 2 weeks from taking over the Medicine Hat location of Noji Family Chiropractic and Wellness.

It is equally exhilarating and terrifying! Many years of sacrifice, hard work, and training appear to be coming to fruition, and while we know there the hard work is just beginning, it is exciting to know one stage is soon ending, and another is beginning.

We could not be more grateful for the opportunity the Noji family has provided for us and the practice they have established in just a few short years. It has been obvious and apparent in our time at the office that their patients love them and are very happy to have NUCCA in Medicine Hat. We know couldn't be taking over a more well-cared for practice than what the Noji family has built and from doctors who are as caring and talented as they are. We are excited to continue the work they started here!

March 1st will mark the first day of our next stage: Integrity Spinal Care.

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