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Integrity Spinal Care

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

What's in a name? Some will tell your business name is the end-all and be-all while others will tell you it's really not important as long as you're helping people. I tend to think the answer is somewhere in the middle.

We considered calling ourselves something location-based, or naming the practice after ourselves, or something along those lines. However as we thought more about it, we were convinced we wanted our name to portray not only something about the type of Chiropractic I practice, but also about who we strive to be daily.

Integrity continually came to mind, no matter how much we thought of other ideas. I felt like its dual meaning was perfect.

As a NUCCA Chiropractor, I consider the structure of the upper neck of utmost importance in our overall health. Standing perfectly balanced and perpendicular to gravity seems like a logical starting point in securing a body that is properly functioning and tension-free.

Just as a bridge must have its structural integrity flawlessly intact at all times, I believe our spines are designed the same way. Structural Integrity is defined as the ability of a structure to maintain its shape and hold together under a load. A bridge without structural integrity will fail, as will our spines.

Therefore, more than anything, my focus is on correcting and stabilizing the Structural Integrity of the neck in order to allow it to maintain its shape and hold together under the load of the skull, the tension of our muscles, and the force of gravity.

Second, it is always Milessa's goal and mine to be people of integrity. We strive to be honest in all areas of our lives and want to take care of our patients in the best possible way.

This is how we landed on the name 'Integrity'. We recognize first and foremost it is our goal to correct and maintain the structural integrity of our patients spines for the benefit of their health, and to do so with Integrity.

Dr. Justin Gauthier

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