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Change Your Tires & Check Your Alignment

Is your body balanced ?

Many of us in Medicine Hat drive our own vehicles and as such have a responsibility to properly care for it.

At this time of year as seasons change, we are inundated with ads from tire shops and mechanics to "Swap out your winter tires to summer or all-season tires now!... And don't forget to have new tires balanced and your alignment checked!"

If you've driven for any length of time, you'll understand this isn't just a marketing ploy by 'The Big Bad Car & Tire Industry'; having your car alignment and tires properly balance is vital to your cars performance and more importantly: the longevity.

A car out of alignment or unbalanced tires will result in abnormal wear and tear on the tires meaning you will be replacing your tires earlier than you would have otherwise. You may also end up with brakes not functioning properly and bearings or shocks/springs that wear down quicker as a result of driving while out of balance.

Many of you have heard me speak of this because our bodies function in much the same way! The difference, however, is that our bodies are infinitely more complex than a vehicle and the result of living while your frame and posture is out of balance is far more unpredictable and ultimately harmful.

It is common for some to put as much as 50lbs more weight on one side or the other when they are out of alignment... this puts significantly more compression-stress on one side and tension-stress on the other; and the reality it is far more nuanced than this.

However, the truth remains: when you continue to be active (or inactive) with a body that has more than 600 muscles while out of alignment, your body will begin to abnormally break down and the wear-and-tear process will be sped up. Sometimes significantly.

So as we enter spring, swap out tires and ensure our tires are balanced and vehicle in alignment, consider making an appointment to ensure your neck and body are balanced to slow down or prevent the breakdown process that inevitably occurs when we 'drive around' while out of alignment.

**This article was not supported in any way by any local tire or mechanic shops**

In Health,

Dr Justin Gauthier


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