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Ancestral Supplement: Beef Liver

Over the recent few months and years, there has been a trend towards supplements and products that come directly from food sources. This has always made perfect intuitive sense to me.

Our bodies were designed to eat food- not just a mixture of minerals and vitamins. So while there is a benefit and a place for minerals and supplements, I am a strong believer in getting our nutrients straight from real food as much as possible.

Sometimes, however, eating foods that are especially good for us proves to be more... challenging.

Liver, being one of the foods I would put in that category.

While there are some people out there who love eating Liver n' Onions, most people struggle with the taste and that's perfectly reasonable. It's also unfortunate because liver also happens to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods we have, having high amounts of Vitamin A, choline, folate, b12, coQ10, iron, hyaluronic acid, and a number of other nutrients. Most importantly, the nutrients in liver are exceptionally bio-available; this means that the nutrients are in a form that our body can easily absorb and utilize at a high rate. Not all food-sources are the same in this way; while a given may be high in specific nutrients, our bodies may not be able to absorb a majority of them meaning we glean little benefit.

This is where the Ancestral Supplements Beef Liver becomes an important piece of the puzzle. Liver tastes gross- but is also extremely healthy.

Beef Liver supplements from Ancestral Supplements are essentially simply pure beef liver that has been freeze-dried and compacted into vitamin form in capsules. This way, you can reap the benefits of beef liver without having to actually eat it.

If you have any questions about beef liver, whether it from Ancestral Supplements which you can buy straight from our office or one of the Canadian-made products, please don't hesitate to ask and try it for yourself!



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