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COVID-19 Update 3:

    As of May 11, 2020, Integrity Spinal Care has been operating as normal for all patients and in line with Alberta Health's operating guidelines. 


     We have made minor changes to our operating procedures to follow AHS guidelines, are encouraging distancing within our office, and ensuring there is minimal overlap between patients.  These are the changes we have made:

-Increased appointment times and increase time between patients.

-Requesting patients to not show up more than 5 minutes before appointments.

-Mandatory hand washing/sanitizing for every person that enters and exits the office.

-Additional sanitizing of tables, doors, chairs, equipment, payment machines and any other surface that patients may be in contact with between every patient.

-Dr Justin will be wearing a mask during all appointments

     NOTE: Patient masking is optional- NOT mandatory at our office

-COVID-19 screening procedures before appearing at the office and after entering the office 

Please stay up-to-date with the current AHS guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic relating to self-isolation, cleanliness and sanitation, and quarantining as necessary. If you have any symptoms of the cold or flu such as cough, breathing difficulties, fever, or simply feel unwell, call 811 (if you're in Alberta) for guidance and self-isolating rules before going to your doctor or the hospital.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.

Stay healthy!

Dr Justin Gauthier

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